ITSA covers all modes of transportation, including aviation, marine, railways, road transport, pipelines and underground infrastructure as well as multimodal systems. Actual involvement of members in investigating transportation accidents may vary considerable across modes and countries. Summaries of reports and documents are made available to share information of a general interest to members and others in the transportation field. For access to full reports or documents, visit the websites of each member noted in the related websites section. Other international organisations are also referenced.


  • to improve transport safety in each member country by learning from the experiences of other investigation boards
  • to promote the practice of independent investigations into the causes and safety deficiencies of transportation accidents and incidents
  • to exchange information on transportation safety on such matters as safety deficiencies, safety studies, safety recommendations, accident data and accident investigation techniques and methodologies
  • to share information on implementation of important safety recommendations
  • to identify and discuss transportation safety issues, accident investigation techniques and methodologies and share these in national and international fora
  • to contribute to safer transportation systems worldwide.

Investigations and Studies

Activities of ITSA will not be inconsistent with international operations or international obligations of members such as with ICAO, IMO, EU or others. Unanimity exists to act as an advocate for independent accident investigations. While ITSA may advocate support for certain safety issues about which members concur, each ITSA member is free to advocate its own independent opinion or viewpoint, based on its national commitments or obligations, or government policy.