Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITSA, its mission and role?

ITSA is the international association of independent safety investigation agencies. It has its background in the independent, non-judicial investigations of transport accidents, in order to contribute significantly to the safety of the travelling public and the environment. ITSA aims to bring together accident investigation agencies from all regions in the world and all modes of transportation.
ITSA advocates the mutual learning from each other experiences and to share safety information.

How can I become a member of ITSA?

The membership of ITSA is restricted to organisatons that fulfill formal requirements, related to their national mission and goal of the concept of independent safety investigations. An admittance procedure is foreseen, based on a set of requirements of independence, experience and proven track record in investigations, expertise in the safety domain, a legal basis and the intention and willingness to apply a multimodal focus. Consequently, ITSA membership is not possible for individuals, private organisations in the transport industry or governmental organisations that do not fulfill the requirements of independence and professional qualifications. The requirements for admittance are made available through the ITSA secretariat. The admittance procedure consists of a formal application and membership assessment by the membership Committee of ITSA.

Click here for an oversight of membership criteria and procedures for membership application.

Where and how can I get information on safety investigations?

Safety information is available in many different forms and at many levels of aggregation. An encompassing oversight of accident investigation data is given by each of the member organisations on their website or through linking to non-governmental and international organisations in each mode of transportation. Most valuable references to generic accident data bases can be obtained by the websites of dedicated organisations such as IMO, ICAO, EU , ISASI, MAIIF or mode specific data bases such as the FSF in the aviation sector orMARS in the maritime sector. A structured search on selected keywords is necessary to obtain any selectivity in the information collection process.

A consolidated list of ITSA related websites can be obtained through Other transportation safety links.

For information on specific accidents, reports and recommendations, references are given to the Website of each member which has been in charge of the investigation.
For information on scientific theories on topics such as accident modeling, human factor analysis, organizational failure or other relevant scientific domains, references are given to the Investigations and studies.

How can I get involved in the accident investigation community and where can I get further information?

On the Website membership page a list of ITSA members is available with their contact addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and websites.

The secretariat is available through the ITSA website and general ITSA email